RPM Oil Evacuation Systems

The PERT processTM from RPM Industries is a simple way to standardize your entire fluid maintenance operation. Purge the filters, Evacuate the compartments, Refill the fluids and then Timestamp the event…all in just minutes. It’s safe, clean, fast… and it’s repeatable. No matter the make or model of the machine, the location, or the conditions, the PERT process is always the same across all brands and equipment.

For Heavy Equipment we also offer the RPM Inc QuickEvac™ Systems. These are engine prelubrication and oil evacuation systems that get your machines back to work faster and extend engine life. 

  • Speed - Engine Oil and Filter changes can be handled in less than 20 minutes. The QuickEvac™ system empties most engines in 60 seconds or less. Routine engine maintenance actually becomes routine
  • Prelubrication - QuickEvac™ eliminates dry starts and extends engine life
  • Environmental Protection - QuickEvac™ system transfers waste oil from engine directly into final containment. No pans, no mess! Leak-free. Worry-free. Every time.
  • Contamination Control - QuickEvac™ system ensures clean filtered oil, minimizing contamination risks
  • Safety & Ergonomics - QuickEvac™ system puts technician safety first...no crawling, climbing or dealing with dangerous spills
  • Savings - QuickEvac™ systems save time and money, and can pay for itself in less than a year