For over 90 years, SKF/Lincoln has continually satisfied their customers with the world’s best automatic lubrication and pump systems. 

CanServ has solutions for large processing plants, automotive manufacturing, pulp and paper mills and food and beverage facilities.  Virtually every industrial professional involved in operations and maintenance can benefit from an SKF/Lincoln system.

Oil and gas

Oil and Gas has been a major part of Oklahoma's heritage since before statehood. Our personnel entered that market over 30 years ago selling, servicing and installing Lincoln Automated Lubrication Systems© on:

  • Oilfield Pumping Equipment such as Halliburton, UE Manufacturing, Serva
  • Field Gas Compressors such as Dresser Rand©, Ariel©, Chicago Pneumatic©, Gardener Denver© and Ajax©  Rotary Vane Compressors such as Fuller© and Allis Chalmers©
  • Large Integral Engine/Compressors such as Clark©, Cooper Bessemer© and Worthington© 


heavy equipment

CanServ and SKF/Lincoln are leaders in the sales, service and installation of Lincoln Automatic Lubrication Systems© on heavy equipment leading manufacturers such as Caterpillar©, Komatsu©, Hitachi©, John Deere©, Case© and Terex©; this equipment is found everywhere from road construction sites to mining and quarry construction sites.

CanServ has put lubrication systems on everything from single point hydraulic hammers to farm implements to 60-point cold milling/planers.


For Heavy Equipment CanServ also offers the RPM Inc QuickEvac™ Systems. These are engine prelubrication and oil evacuation systems that get your machines back to work faster and extend engine life. 

     • Speed
     • Prelubrication
     • Environmental Protection
     • Contamination Control
     • Safety & Ergonomics
     • Savings 


Ascorel On-board Scales

We sell, service and install industry leading Ascorel On Board Scales©. Ascorel© develops its own line of scales, software and hardware. They contribute to a safer, more efficient and easier environment for the use of building, earth moving and industrial handling machines. Ascorel On Board Scales© can be used on:
     • Cranes
     • Forklifts
     • Telescopic Trucks
     • Wheel Loaders

We are factory trained to install any Ascorel OnBoard Scale on most types of equipment.